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Appointing Leaders

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Appointing Leaders

Post by Hazelstar on Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:58 pm

Good Morning! (Or Afternoon, wherever you live)

In news to our latest RPG, and some talking among our fellow members, I believe it would be appropriate to appoint some new leaders in light of our absent admins. Instead of doing a formal assessment and since there isn't very many members either way, I'd like to elect them myself. Among my short time back, I'd been watching and found a handful of warriors that have shined and proven themselves worthy of being mature and leading their clan to success. Drum roll please!

I, Hazelstar, appoint the following members to step forward and take charge of their clans!

Congratulations to Blazefang (Blazestar) of ShadowClan.
Mossshadow (Mossstar) of RiverClan.
Drizzleflame (Drizzlestar) of ThunderClan.
And Cresentmoon (Cresentstar) of WindClan
We're looking for a leader of SkyClan (I'm fine taking over SkyClan for now)
I'll be keeping a look out and contacting some members to see if they're interested! Either way, congratulations and I wish you 4 luck in your leadership years!
Lets keep finding cats to join our forum, we have the potential to be wonderful.

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Re: Appointing Leaders

Post by Falconwing on Mon May 23, 2016 12:08 am

It's great to see some new leaders in LWC. For know, I could switch to SkyClan if you'd like and be an admin, unless you'd rather stay as SkyClan's admin, which is perfectly fine.
In fact, I'll move to SkyClan now. It's a cool clan

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