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Enter Rippleshade, The revenge seeking rouge

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Enter Rippleshade, The revenge seeking rouge Empty Enter Rippleshade, The revenge seeking rouge

Post by Rippleshade on Sun May 07, 2017 8:58 pm

Rippleshade's life was never easy to begin with. Rippleshade's family are divided.Her siblings, Olive and Light, decided to become kittypets like their mother while her older brother, String, became a rouge like her and their father. At a young age her mother was killed in front of String and Rippleshade. All The you could do is cry and nudge their mother's dead blood soaked body hoping she'll be alive. As the moons passed by Rippleshade became more thirsty for revenge and more distant towards her living family besides String. On a moonless Rippleshade found her mother's killer while hunting for prey. Rippleshade pounced on the startled killer ripping the left ear of the tomcat using her teeth. Rippleshade would've killed the tom. If it wasn't for Shadow's companions jumping in the fight at the right moment. Sadly, Rippleshade didn't leave the fight unharmed, she ended up with a swirl like scar that took up half of her right hind leg while Shadow and his companions left her to bleed to her death.If it wasn't for String finding her she would've died.As the moons passed by String and Rippleshade searched for Shadow and his companions eager to shed blood.

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