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Rippleshade, The Avenging Rouge

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Rippleshade, The Avenging Rouge Empty Rippleshade, The Avenging Rouge

Post by Rippleshade on Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:23 am

Rank: None
Age:13 moons old
Gender: Female
Father: Shard (Rouge/Alive)
Mother: Apple (Kittypet/Dead)
Kits: None
Littermates: Olive (Female/Alive/kittypet), String (Male/Alive/Rouge), Light(Male/Alive/Kittypet)
Mentor: None
Personality: Carefree, Mysterious, Friendly
Fears: Being forgotten or alienated
Special skills: The ability to disappear  in the shadows
Appearance: A black she-cat with purple eyes and a black pelt with gray ripple like stripes
Rippleshade was born under a yellow moon along with her siblings: Light, String, and Olive.
At 5 moons old Rippleshade lost her mother in a fight with another rouge.
At 10 moons old Rippleshade's siblings: Olive and Light didn't want to live in the wilderness and became kitty pets only her brother String stayed with her.
At 12 moons old Rippleshade came across her mother's killer, Shadow when she separated from String.Rippleshade almost brutally killed Shadow if it weren't for Shadow's friends who attacked her while she was distracted.
At 13 moons old(Now) Rippleshade and String hunt down Shadow  for vengeance for their mother.

* She is called Rippleshade because her parents couldn't decide between Ripple or Shade

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Rippleshade, The Avenging Rouge Empty Re: Rippleshade, The Avenging Rouge

Post by Hazelstar on Sun May 07, 2017 8:25 pm

Welcome Rippleshade! It's nice to have you around Smile

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