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I'm new and my cat is Sunpelt

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I'm new and my cat is Sunpelt Empty I'm new and my cat is Sunpelt

Post by Sunpelt on Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:11 am

Heres some info on Sunpelt:
Clan: Thunderclan
Rank: warrior
Age: 20 moons
Gender: female
Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Kits: N/A
Littermates: none
Personality: can be blunt, very caring. Sunpelt is touchy about her past so no cat really knows anything about her past. She is a very loyal warrior and puts the welfare of her clan above everything, so if she feels something will help her clan she will most likely do it. She will not do it however if she is ordered not to.
Special Skills: very good hunter
Appearance: fire orange, white paws, she has a black streak on her backbone and is missing most of one of her ears.
History: was found on the edge of Thundeclan territory when she was 7 moons old. She was surprisingly well feed for being alone, but it took about 1/2 a moon to convince her to trust her clanmates.

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