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Blackfrost of RiverClan

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Blackfrost of RiverClan Empty Blackfrost of RiverClan

Post by Blackfrost on Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:29 pm

name= Blackfrost
clan= RiverClan
age/gender= She-cat, 12 moons
rank= newly made warrior
appearance= jet black, with white paws, lean but has a lot of muscle, very strong and fast, large for his age
parents=  mother= clover, a rough
father= a rough named slash
siblings= flame( deseced) raven( is lost has no idea where she went) and dust( dececed)

past life= Blackfrost was abused as a kite, Flame and Dust where killed at birth, Raven and black were spared because they showed "potential ." Later when black was about five moons old she heard her mother and father talking about killing Raven, so she told Raven to "run, run and never come back it for your own good" the next day they found out that she told her about their plans, they tried to kill her, but she got away. She looked and looked for Raven, but she could never find her. Later on she found RiverClan, she observed them for a while then she showed herself and asked if she could join the clan, they agreed. She had a great mentor, and a even greater clan, she would die for her clan.

behavior= She is headstrong, believes in what's right. She always sticks to what she believes in even if its a mouse brain thing to believe in. SHE does not like to be looked after, and is very independent. She is very curious, and does not take orders from anyone other then the leader, though she will learn to lesson to the other warriors
fighting.. 9/10
hunting.. 5/10
swimming 7/10
 climbing.... 5/10
running 9/10
tracking.. 8/10
sneaking 9/10
ambushing 5/10

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