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LWC New Moderators

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LWC New Moderators

Post by Hazelstar on Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:26 pm

Good morning LWC community! I have some awesome news to share with you all!
First off, all the moderator applications I received on the topic and in PMs were very detailed and it was obvious that you all put your time into it. So I thank you for wanting to give back to the LWC community in the highest way possible! With that said, it was a very hard choosing process since I've received 6 applications and I could only accept three. But thank you again, if I hold another moderator process in the future, please come back and apply again!
I now am super excited to announce LWC three newest moderators to the administration team! This is the highest level of commitment to the site that you can earn and I wholeheartedly believe that these three are the next level to making this site wonderful again!
I give you Drizzlestar of ThunderClan. Congratulations!
Mossstar of RiverClan. Congratulations!
And last but not least Ravensky of ThunderClan. Congratulations!

I'll be sending you all a PM later so expect to hear from me. Thanks again and congratulations!


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