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Brokenlily and Yarrrowsong bios

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Brokenlily and Yarrrowsong bios Empty Brokenlily and Yarrrowsong bios

Post by Brokenlily on Wed Jun 15, 2016 3:42 pm

Yarrowsong- fluffy golden brown She-cat with black flecks. She was born without a tail. She has a sharp tongue and is protective of her sister, Brokenlily. She doesn't like anyone taking advantage of or teasing her. Gray eyes

Brokenlily- small and fluffy white She-cat with light and dark gray and light gray patches. Her tail is unusually long, and she has one green eye and one golden eye. She has always been weaker than Yarrowsong, but her sister usually doesn't bring it up. She is kindhearted and loyal

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