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Lion role play

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Lion role play

Post by Blackfrost on Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:40 pm

Its just what the title says! its just a Lion pride, you make lions, protect the pride, care for young, hunt down prey.

simple as that


King: the strongest male lion. Has the most respect

Queen: The kings mate or female sibling, has the same amount of respect as the king.

Lead hunter: Leads the hunting party ( there can be 2-3 in a pride )

Hunters: the leanest, swiftest, most suitable for running and taking down prey

Lead warriors: Leads the fighting party ( there can be 1-2 in each pride)

Warriors: the strongest, heavest, most muscular lions.

Trainees: Young lions in training to be either a Warrior or a Hunter

cubs: do I even need to tell you this?

mothers: do I even need to tell you this....

elder: the old, respected lions that can not hunt for themselves


Northern Plains

Southern Plains

western Thick trees

Eastern Thick trees

Northern thin trees

Southern thin trees

Southern Grassy plains

Northern grassy plains

Dry rocks

for all

Watering hole

For many centuries the prides that live around the watering hole have lived in peace. They would gather every new moon at the watering hole. They would share news and caught up with friends from other prides. At the end of each meeting they would turn to the Spirit Rock and the kings and queens of each pride would exchange words, telling about problems, sharing new and figuring out how to help each other. The kings would tell all the other prides about new cubs, expecting mothers, new trainees, new warriors or hunters. This all changed when hunters (humans) came and cut the Spirit Rock to bits. They carried it off, destroyed the trees around the watering hole, and carried them of too. Tenses raised, the prides stopped going to the meetings and the watering hole turned to just a place to drink. The prides no longer believe in peace thinking that the destruction of the Spirit Rock destroyed peace also. They are constantly trying to steal territory or attacking camps. Some areas that are split between north and south or east and west are teaming up, traveling into each others territories and promising to send help if one is attacked in the camp.


BEGINNING OF NEW LEAF~ a few border fights but not a lot of fighting.

MIDDLE OF NEW LEAF~ the Southern Grassy plains and the Northern Grassy Plains prides attack the Northern thick trees in their camp. The Southern thick trees pride comes to help. The Northern thick trees and the Southern thick trees prides win just barely.

MIDDLE OF NEW LEAF~  When the pride that lives on Dry rocks is at the Watering hole Northern plains pride attacks them, driving them off purely because of surprise. The Northern Plains pride tries to keep all the prides away from the watering hole.

END OF NEW LEAF~  The pride that lives on the Dry Rocks convinces the Southern Plains pride to help them drive of the Northern plains pride. They attack at sun high when the Northern plains have the least amount of posted guards. They easily drive them of and make them promise to let all the prides reach the watering hole. They give them their word and sticks to their word for a while

Once this all plays out I will work out a new plot.

1. When a cub turns 7 moons they must go threw a ceremony to " earn" their mane. In this ceremony the cub must go out and hunt down enough food for the whole pride. They may take 3 members with them and they are the leader for that hunt.

2. Protect your pride with your life.

3. The leaders word is law.

4. no fighting within the pride except when fighting for king.

5. If I king is over powered by another lion the king must leave the pride

6. You do not kill to win the battle

7. Lions other then the clan leader and the group of lions he picks shall cross into another prides territory to meet with the other pride.

8. You must not get near hunters or hurt them if they are not trying to get you


how old:

you can make as many lions as you want.

a audition of mine:
name: Ivy
pride: Fallen leaves
age/gender: 6 years/ female
rank: Queen
family: mother:Flower ( dead) father: Shark ( dead)   siblings: Blaze, Flash ( both open)

appearance: Ivy is a light grey female. She is pretty lean, like her brother. She has long legs but a short tail. She has green eyes like her siblings and a pink nose. She has a long body.

personality: Ivy is a bossy female. She is a natural born leader. Ivy isn't much of a caring lion but when it comes to helpless lions or cubs she just cant help but save them. Ivy doesn't like it when lions disobey her. She is always keeping a watchful eye on her pride. She is very headstrong and brave. She doesn't care what others think she just goes for it. Ivy doesn't question herself at all. Once she makes up her mind you cant change it. She scares some lions, but not all.

pride audition
name: Fallen leaves
territory: Northern grassy plains
how old: 3 years
founder(s): Blaze and Ivy.
king: Blaze
queen: Ivy

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Re: Lion role play

Post by Crescentstar on Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:07 pm

Character Audition
Name: Jasper
Pride: Forest Fires
Rank: Queen

Mother- Spirit (Elder)
Father- Hush (Deceased)
Brother- Fire (Deceased)

Personality: Jasper is a highly protective and intelligent lioness. She will do anything to protect her pride. She can be strict, fierce, and scary, but she is actually really sweet.

Pride Audition
Name: Forest Fires
How old: 1 1/2 years

Territory: Southern Thin Trees
Founder: Jasper
King: (anyone wanna make a king?)
Queen: Jasper

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Re: Lion role play

Post by Blackfrost on Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:15 pm

oh Crecentstar. I forgot something on the Pride audition. You need to add a territory.

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Re: Lion role play

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