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Post by Hazelstar on Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:03 pm

Hazelstar - Owner

Nicknames- Hazel, Hazey, Hazelnut, etc.
Clan- Owner
Rank- Admin
Age- Old
Gender- She-cat
Mate/Crush- Pssh, secret crush.
Kits- N/A
Mother- Snowdapple (Description Below!)
Father-Nightingflame- (Description Below!)
Littermates- Eaglefire, Blossomsplash, Darkflare, Wolfsong, Pyritesong, Hazelstar (Me. All cats descriptions below.)
Mentor- Blizzardfang and Coyotesong.
Apprentice- N/A
Strengths- She may be small for her age, but fighting is her specialty.
Weaknesses- Tight spaces, though squeezing through branches up within the trees she’s okay with.
Hobbies-Chilling in the trees, racing apprentices, and just sitting to watch the moon.
Favorite Warrior Characters- Sandstorm, Ivypool, Yellowfang, Bluestar, Maplestream, etc.
Favorite Fresh-Kill- Finch.
Special Skills- Her special grippy pads help her climb fast up and down trees, while other clans have to slow down.
Friends- Everyone
Personality- Very exuberant. In other clans, Hazel is viewed as a joke admin. Her small size, and joking attitude is not admin like. But actually, Hazel is one of the best fighters, her size helping her fight between the trees, climbing higher than normal cats cause of her light weight. Especially in fighting, she’s quick and strikes fast while getting out of there. This confuses the enemy, she’s there and then she’s not. The clans will soon realize this.
As an admin, Hazel can buckle down on her site. She is normally an overly happy admin, and mingles with her members rather than keeping to herself, though when the time calls, she can work through situations without getting worked up. Sometimes, she may have a meltdown, but usually she keeps her cool. As a friend, she is the most loyal anyone can get. She’s always there for anyone, and will help out even if it’s out of her way.
Appearance- Some cats say she’s “The Snow,” others, “The Moon.” Either way, her coat is especially white. This long flowing pelt is always groomed, without a single pluck of dirt on it what so ever. The only imperfection within her pelt would be her nicked ear, but Hazel holds this with pride. Her snowy fur frames her face. Her bright blue eyes are always active, and are said to sparkle like her fur in the sun light. Some also call her “The Snowy Lynx” because of her ears which stick up in tuffs of white fur. When she’s upset, her fur fluffs up, expanding her size to about the size of a regular cat. Usually though, she’s about the size of apprentices. This doesn’t bother her though, and how she acts/walks shows she’s one of power. Her long white whiskers are especially long. Occasionally, if a kit is cold or what not, Hazelstar will pluck a fur tuffs of hair from her stomach to help out the kits bedding, since Hazel’s fur grows back fast. From the runt of the litter to the admin of LWC, Hazel’s appearance hasn’t change much, besides her size. Even when she was a kit, she had this furry long coat. Back then, cat’s called her “Snowball.” So much, that her mother almost changed her name to Snowkit.
Hazelkit:Hazelstar - Owner Silver10
Hazelpaw:Hazelstar - Owner Silver11
Hazelstar:Hazelstar - Owner Silver12


When she was young, most of the warriors pitied her, including other clans. She was bullied for her bright pelt, saying she’d never last in the forest. She stood out like black on white. The other cats there for her in the beginning where her siblings and parents. Other than that, they made fun of her. So, one night, when she was about 5 moons old, she decided to change this.
Her and her younger brother Darkkit headed out, away from clan territory. They had secretly been planning this trip for ages. For kits, they were especially civilized. This probably was because both were teased, Hazel for having a white pelt, Dark for sticking with her. Their parents woke up to two missing kits, but by then, Hazel and Dark were long gone. Along the edge of Skyclan territory, they continued onward, until coming upon a giant mud hole. They had heard about the clans speaking about it, and how it could be seen as a danger. But Dark and Hazel saw it as an opportunity. Slowly, Hazel put a paw into the pool. It lathered her paw, staining her pelt a light brown. She let it dry, before putting her paw in again, this time staining it more black. They both continued this for a couple hours, until Hazel’s whole pelt was a pitch black, like Dark’s pelt.
“Wow.” Dark exclaimed, “You look like a whole new kit!”
Proud of her transformation, she took one more dip into the pool before letting that dry. They soon set off home. Their mission was to say that Hazel had wondered off, and Dark, worried about her, had followed. Then, Dark had lost Hazel’s trail, and found this new kit. The clan fell for it. And for three moons (Greenleaf) ‘Nightpaw’ strolled through apprenticeship without any trouble. It wasn’t until winter came along. It was the wettest, coldest winter in clan history. Cats were freezing to death, and trees were slick, and Riverclan could barely hunt without freezing their paws off.
Hazelpaw didn’t start worrying until the rain came. She didn’t notice her white pelt showing, until she was speckled with white dots. The rain was slowly washing away the mud, and soon the clan would notice she wasn’t a black cat. The first ones to notice were her two mentors, Blizzardfang and Coyotesong.
“Nightpaw, are those white marks on your back?” They asked one morning.
“Oh, these? I don’t know what they are. Maybe I should stay in for the day?” She replied. It was pouring rain outside again, and she knew another drenching would bring back all her white fur. She didn’t want to be bullied again.
“Aw, don’t be lazy Nightpaw!” Coyotesong sang, nudging her toward the entrance of the den, “Scared of the rain are you?”
“No!” Hazelpaw said, but her mind was firing away, thinking of options in which could get her out of this situation. Then it hit her. Maybe she should just go back to her old self. She couldn’t play this game all her life, it’d get annoying. And she wanted people to love her for what she truly was, not a fake. Hazelpaw sighed and whispered, “Here, let me show the clan something.”
“What do you-“ Blizzardfang started, but stopped as Hazelpaw stepped into the clearing. Her parents sat in one corner, with her littermates. Darkpaw spotted her, and then with a yowl, shouted, “Hazelpaw! Get out of the rain!” Realizing his mistake, he corrects himself, “Nightpaw, I mean!”
“Darkpaw, what are you talking about?” Her mother asks, glancing up at Hazelpaw. By now, her white fur was showing noticeably.
“It’s time to show them the truth, Darkpaw.” Hazelpaw shouts along the clearing. By now, a few cats had padded out of their dens to see what was going on. Hazelpaw shook her pelt, exposing her white pelt fully. It was now a pale gray, but this was soon washed away from the rain. Her shiny white pelt was back, and as bright as ever. Her parents watched her closely, but it was her siblings that recognized her first.
“HAZELPAW!” They yowled, tackling into her. “We missed you! Where have you been?”
“I’ve been here all along guys. I’ve just been hiding. Darkpaw knew though.” Hazelpaw mewed.
Her parents came up to her next, nuzzling her, “Why did you dye your pretty coat? It was so luxurious.”
“Because everyone made fun of me. I wouldn’t have been able to learn to hurt so well if it wasn’t for the black pelt. Now I hunt amazing!” She replied, proud of herself.
“Hazelpaw.” A voice interrupted their conversation. It was Skystar, leader of Skyclan. “I believe I have to speak with you. What you’ve done… needs to be discussed.”
I'll continue this later.. lol


This exuberant tom is always into everyone’s business. He's playful, friendly, the perfect match for an equally happy she-cat. His long coat is a brilliant white like Hazelstar's but has tabby markings speckling it. His green eyes are always alert, and observing.
Eaglekit:Hazelstar - Owner Eaglek10
Eaglefire:Hazelstar - Owner Eaglef10
Blossomsplash- Blossomsplash is by far, Hazelstar's closest friend, second to Pyritesoul. She was always there for Hazelstar, and still is. This loyal she-cat has a brillant coat similar to Eaglefire's but more calico. Her long hair reaches the ground when she is fully grown, and has beautiful calico markings along her whole body. Her amber eyes are like her fathers.
Blossomkit- Hazelstar - Owner Blosso10
Blossomsplash- Hazelstar - Owner Blosso11
Darkflare- Darkflare is Hazelstar's favorite brother. Yes, she was close to Wolfsong and Eaglefire, but Darkflare was always there for her, especially with the whole 'new cat' business and the mud. Darkflare is a long, black haired tom with brilliant amber eyes. He is almost an exact replica of their father, Nightingflame.
Darkkit: Hazelstar - Owner Darkki10
Darkflare Hazelstar - Owner Darkfl13
Wolfsong- Wolfsong looks neither like his mother or his father. He's a brillant long-haired brown tabby with amber eyes, an amazing personality, and great hunting skills. One of the best hunters in Skyclan!
Wolfkit: Hazelstar - Owner Wolfki10
Wolfsong: Hazelstar - Owner Wolfso10
Pyritesoul- Pyritesoul is Hazelstar's second closest friend. When Blossomsplash isn't around, Hazelstar goes to her sister for comfort. Pyritesoul is a mix between her father and mother. A long haired she-cat with amber eyes, and a brilliant black and white tuxedo pelt.
Pyritekit: Hazelstar - Owner Pyrite10
Pyritesoul Hazelstar - Owner Pyrite11


Mother- Snowdapple- A snowy white she-cat, that looks similar to Hazelstar, just Hazelstar is obviously smaller than her mother.
Snowdapple: Hazelstar - Owner Snowda10
Father- Nightingflame- This pitch black, long-haired tom is the complete opposite of his mate, Snowdapple. He has amber eyes with gentle white paws though. His pelt looks gray in the sunlight.
Nightingflame: Hazelstar - Owner Nighti10

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