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Post by Ravenheart on Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:01 pm

if you have ever watched the TV show series " wolfblood" you will understand this much better.

Wolfbloods are humans, that can turn into wolfs anytime they want to. There is "wild wolfbloods." and " tame wolfbloods." Wild wolfblood life in packs In the wild, hiding from any non wolfbloods, and " tames." Tame wolfbloods pretend they are humans, and live in human homes, go to human schools, and have human friends.

now wolfbloods can choose when to change into wolfs, but on a full moon you HAVE to change. This often hurts " tames" because if they are ever found, they will be killed.

This is really quite simple.

there can be as many tame " packs" ( witch are just family members) as you want.
and as many wild packs as you want.

alpha= the male/ husband/ dad
beta= the female/ wife/ mom
cubs= 1-5 year olds
packers= 6-12 year olds
teens= 13-19 year olds
guards= 20 and up and does not have their own " pack"

alpha= the founder, the cub of the past alpha, or a wolf that challenges the alpha and wins the fight. ( makes the decisions) eats first

beta= the alphas sibling/or mate ( basically the deputy.) eats second

defenders= the highest rank other then beta/ hunts. fights, and defends/ eats forth

attackers= the first ones when attacking the first wave/ hunting, fighting/ eats fifth

back up= the last wave in a fight /fighting, hunting/ eats sixth

packers= fights, hunts/ the middle wave/ eats seventh.

omega= cleans and makes nests/ lowest rank/ eats last.

trainees= wolfs in training/ eats third with pups and mother wolves.

pups= wolves to young to train/ eats third, with trainees and mother wolves

mother wolves= nursing or expecting wolves/ eats third with trainees and pups

you must reserve alphas and beta's

northern forests
southern forests
edge of town

northern forest/ southern forest border
Northern forest/Town border
Southern forest/School border
Meadow/ Northern border
Meadow/ River border
Meadow/ Mall border
river/ Northern border
River/Café border

Wild wolfblood
Tame wolfblood
wolfblood hunters
secret keepers. ( humans who have bestfriends that are wolfbloods and know they're wolfbloods.)

Wolfbloods used to run across all the lands, free, un-scared, un-hunted, and un-caged. They lived in harmony, sharing one territory that stretched over all the of north America They used to rule their world. Then humans came. They ruined everything. They killed wolfbloods, made them go into hiding, and built towns on their homes. Some cats went into hiding, others posed as humans. They went to human schools, lived in human homes, and played human sports. The ones that stayed wild despise those you choose to defy their nature and live as humans. They live deep in the woods, moving their camps every once and a while.

leaf bare

Tensions are high between wild wolfbloods and tame wolfbloods. Wild wolfbloods sometimes attack tame's when they are walking in the forest, injuring them or killing them. Tame wolf bloods use human tricks to trap them and kill them, or force them to live as humans.

BEGINNING OF LEAF Bare- Not much happens. Wilf wolfblood have trouble with some humans getting closer to their camps. Some Tame wolfbloods are having a hard time keeping their secret.

MID LEAF BARE- More and more wild wolf bloods are attacking tames as they pad through the forest, none are killed but a few are close to being killed.

MID LEAF BARE- A teen tame wolfbloods change in school, a few class mates see them. The family quickly moves and becomes a wild wolfblood. ( daisy volentured to make the teen and jay has a sibling in the family.)

END OF LEAF BARE- Wild wolfbloods team together and chase down tame's, killing a few and almost blowing their cover to humans.

BEGINNING OF NEW-LEAF- Tame wolfbloods are keeping away from the woods and making sure to never travel alone. Wild wolfblood are healing from the battle and planning another attack.

Audition form
Human name:
wolf name:
skills: ( fighting, hunting, speed, memory, tracking, stamina)

pack audition
name of pack:

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