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Post by Moonsong on Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:45 pm

Personal Information
Name: Moonsong
Age: 27 moons
Moonsong is generally spiteful and cold-hearted, though it's softened by their overarching laziness. They're impulsive, more interested in being amused and following what feels right at the time than any rules, orders, or moral ideals. While they're not quite a seer, their strange way of thinking and going about things seems to get them into the midst of trouble with a warped understanding of what's going on, pulled from what they'll claim is the stars. They're bitterly cynical, with a drawling tone that lends itself to mockery far too easily. They're ludicrously attached to Shadowseer, though, even if that only manifests in their making a nuisance of themselves and following her as if they were her shadow.
Likes: Shadowseer, snow, making fun of things, the stars
Dislikes: boredom, being ordered around, having to pay attention to things they don't care about
Fears: More than anything, Moonsong is terrified of being alone.
Clan and Status
Rank: former ShadowClan warrior
Family: If they had any, they've either forgotten or pretended to do so.
Fur:  Moonsong's coat is silky and silver, smudged with darker spots and stripes in a tabby pattern. Their fur is short and sleek on most of their body, with a bit more fur on their soft chest and underbelly. Their tail is tipped with black, and there's a marking that almost looks like a moon just above their eyes. They spend far too much time grooming themselves.
Eyes: Their eyes are a hazy blue, usually looking away from whoever they're speaking to and at the sky or whatever small thing has caught their eye. When they do make eye contact, it's disturbingly intense, and leaves the poor sucker unsure of their safety.
Moonsong is a lean silver tabby, fur silky-soft and patterned darkly, with their paws and the lower half of their legs entirely black. They seem elegant enough when they're still, but their lazy grace combined with long limbs makes their prowl strange and full of oddly jutting bones as they move. Their tail is overlong too, and never not in motion, curling around in the air and whatever they can reach of Shadowseer, if she's within range. The soft pads of their paws are criss-crossed with silvery scars, and their fangs and claws are gleaming-sharp. Cold iron is wrapped in an almost thorny pattern just above their paws, a gift and marking stolen from Shadowseer. They're pretty, unless you watch them too closely, or they you.
Strengths: Moonsong is unfazed by almost everything, rarely reacting with more than a yawn and a sarcastic comment, but they're fiercely loyal if you can get them on your side. They're a vicious fighter, taking advantage of the tendency to underestimate them. They have a habit of knowing things that they maybe shouldn't.
Weaknesses: If it comes right down to it, they're not terribly strong in a head-to-head fight, and if it's too annoying or they're losing they're likely to just give up. Their attention span is non-existent, and they'll stop in the middle of almost anything if they've gotten dirty.
Combat Style: Moonsong prefers to ambush cats from behind, pouncing on top of them and raking their vicious claws down whatever they can reach. Given their normal, sleepy demeanor, enemies often don't take them seriously until they've put a claw through an uncomfortable part of them. This is a mistake. They don't hunt well, though, and are likely to overshoot any pounce that's not onto something around the same size as them.
History: in development
When a plague of green-cough hit ShadowClan and Shadowseer visited to help heal them, Moonsong defected and became something like her apprentice. Mostly, they follow her around and are utterly devoted, in their own way.

Snow makes a poor substitute for a mate, being nowhere near as fluffy as it appears. This is a revelation literally every time Moonsong is out in the snow. It is entirely possible that they have issues.

But now their mate is there, and they can roll over from where they're nestled down into said snow and pull him down into it from where he's perched on the crystalline surface, fluffy fur blending in perfectly save for his dark paws. They bite at one of them for good measure, pale eyes half-closed against the shine of fading stars on snow.

⭐ ❝They are beautiful, but only in the way monsters are beautiful: because they know how to kill.❞
⭐ ❝All the stars could have screamed for my attention and I still wouldn't have strayed from the light in your eyes.❞
⭐ ❝There is a fine line between sarcasm and outright hostility, and you seem to have crossed it.❞

Themes: Bad Apple !! from Touhou

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Post by Hazelstar on Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:15 pm

Super detailed! I like it a lot. I'm excited to see where you take your history in the future. It's great to have you and nice job Razz

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