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Shadowseer of Asshai

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Shadowseer of Asshai Empty Shadowseer of Asshai

Post by Shadowseer on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:05 pm

S H A D O W S E E R    O F    A H H S A I

Songs that Represent Shadowseer:
*Muddy Waters//LP   *Wicked Game//James Vincent McMorrow   *The Way//Zack Hemsey

Name: Shadowseer
Birth Name: Viserna the III
Also Known As: The Unburnt, Red Priestess, Fire-Walker
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Description: Tall, exquisite, slender shadowy she-cat with incredibly long, silky fur that's coated in splotches of golds, reds, browns, and grey. Shadowseer has a narrow head, large yellow-green eyes that seem to flicker like fire, and large, tufted ears that display ceremonial nicks. Although her form in quite tall and curvaceous, Shadowseer has such long fur that the soft fur of her belly drags upon the ground, as does the thick fur upon her incredibly long tail. Unlike most traditional clan cats, Shadowseer dons many different rare jewels- although the only piece of jewelry she continuously wears is a great, elaborate collar made of strange golden metals from a faraway world. The great golden collar is made of twisted metals, and in the center of the collar (right above Shadowseer's chest) is a great, ruby gem that pulses with each beat of her heart.
Personality: Shadowseer is clever, sharp witted, impatient, devoted, feisty, flirtatious, incredibly devout to her faith, arrogant at times, intelligent, scheming, and fiercely loyal.
Clan: Shadowseer does not have an official clan, but she usually stays with each clan every few moons or so.
Rank: Rogue Fire-Priestess and Traveling Healer
Mentor: The Faceless (The former High Priest of R'hllor)
Apprentice: Moonsong (former Shadowclan warrior who defected)
Parents: Aemon (Father; deceased) & Viserna the II (Mother; deceased)
Siblings: Rhaegar (Brother; alive) & Mhysa (Sister; alive)
Mate:Talisar (formerly)
Kits: Jon (adoptive son)
Origin Land: Ahhsai; The Land of Shadows (located many, many leagues from the Clans)
Religion (Starclan or Other?): R'hllor Lord of  Light
Birth Tongue: Valyrian
     Shadowseer was born to Aemon and Viserna the II, with the birth name of Viserna the III (an inherited title from her mother), the royal family that conquered the harsh, shadowy lands of Ahhsai many moons prior, and had two older siblings- her brother Rhaegar (the eldest, and heir to the kingdom of Ahhsai) and her sister Mhysa (her eldest sister and future Lady and Protector of the Realm). Due to being the youngest kit, Shadowseer's parents often overlooked and neglected her as a young kit- mostly due to the stress of running a realm and raising the future heir, which caused Shadowseer to become strongly attached to the faith of her land- R'hllor Lord of Light, as a source of comfort. She became close with the head priest of the religion at the time- a raggedy tom simply known as the Faceless- whom noted Shadowseer's great ties with the Gods and her strong prophetic abilities.

After reaching the age where a Clan cat would become an apprentice, Shadowseer was recruited by Faceless to become a priestess, and over the next many moons, Shadowseer was trained vigorously under the Faceless's command to strengthen not only her prophetic abilities- but her healing as well. After spending most of her adolescence life living in the remote temples dedicated to R'hllor and undergoing the harsh training to become a great healer and prophet, Shadowseer finally became a full fledged healer and prophet and earned the mysterious necklace that all servants of R'hllor wear as well as her current name- Shadowseer. Soon after earning her status as a priestess and healer, Shadowseer met a tom named Talisar on her travels and the two became mates. Despite Talisar being a rogue warrior, he accompanied Shadowseer on all her travels- even on a few pilgrimages to the clan territories- before returning to Asshai during it's time of need during the Great War. When Talisar returned several moons later, he brought with him a young kit named Jon, whom he had conceived with an unknown and unnamed she-cat. Distraught by her mates unfaithful behavior, Shadowseer struggled with raising Jon, often silently blaming the young kit for Talisar's actions. A few moons later, during their travels Talisar was killed by a group of vicious rouges and Shadowseer returned to Asshai with the young Jon and gave him to the Faith Militant so he could reach adulthood safely, as well as learn all the necessary survival skills.
Shadowseer then returned to the road on her pilgrimage alone.

Over the next many moons, Shadowseer traveled many great leagues, healing and preaching to those in need, and showing loners and rogues the her famous fire-reading and healing skills. After many moons of journeying, Shadowseer finally happened upon the Clan cats, and after learning of their great need for healers, she decided to stay with Clans, traveling back and forth between the many different clans, healing and converting as many as possible.
During one plague-like epidemic that nearly decimated Shadowclan's entire population, Shadowseer ended up staying with the sickly clan for several moons- helping heal and convert as many cats as she could during the dark time. It was during this time that Shadowseer met Moonsong, one of the few cat's left untouched by the deadly sickness, and the two quickly became close. Moonsong -who had lost what little faith they had in Starclan due to the ravaging illness- quickly became enamored with Shadowseer's great healing and prophetic talents, and ended up defecting from Shadowclan after the plague finally died out. Shadowseer took Moonsong as an apprentice, regardless of the fact that Moonsong could not be mentored correctly without returning to Asshai, and now the duo travel the land of the Clans- constantly bouncing back and forth between each clan in need.

Quotes from Shadowseer:
"Are you afraid? You should be. You're in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying. In this great game of power, you win or you die- there is no middle ground."

"This war means nothing. The only real war is the one between Life and Death."

"You must of not been listening- we're hear to discuss your surrender not mine."

Shadowseer's design:

shadowseer's full body design:
Shadowseer of Asshai Shadow10

[size=10]more to come soon! leave feedback while I edit! :3

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