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Busy past few weeks!

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Busy past few weeks!

Post by Falconwing on Mon May 23, 2016 11:22 pm

My goodness. The past few weeks have been all testing. Shocked I can't wait until the memorial day 4 day weekend comes around. I'm exaughsted! Sleep
Anyway, see you guys around! Kitty

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Re: Busy past few weeks!

Post by Gingerfeather on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:27 pm

ah! I've been pretty busy, school work, tests, extra tests (because of counselors and other stuff i don't really want to get into...) and making a small project (entirely for fun!). it was basically just me gluing foam to items, and accidentally burning myself with the hot glue gun... (oops!!)
I've been working on the project for about a week now, i have made the hand paws, feet paws, and i'm going to make the tail and head soon. i am unsure weather i can make a body suit, that might be hard, but i could manage. i do not have the fur or design pattern i need for the suit, but i will make one very soon. it will probably take about a month to get all the supplies i need to continue. (wow, a whole month of burning fingers and cutting and gluing foam. haha!!) busy busy busy.

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