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My second cat!

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My second cat! Empty My second cat!

Post by Falconwing on Sun May 22, 2016 9:26 am

Name: Falconwing
Clan: RiverClan
Rank: Warrior, but wants to be a Deputy
Age: 15 moons
Gender: Tom
Mate: ???
Father: Gorseclaw
Mother: Sweetthorn
Kits: ??
Littermates: Barkfur and Rainkit
Mentor: Craylaw
Personality: Mainly sarcastic, but can be serious
Special Skills: Learned to swim before he moved to RiverClan
Appearance: Dark brown tabby with dark green eyes
History: Born in ThunderClan, and was raised there (his sister died after a day of being born) until there was a sign from StarClan that said that Falconwing had to move to RiverClan.

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