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My first kittie!

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My first kittie! Empty My first kittie!

Post by Foreversong on Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:22 pm

Personal Information
   Name: Foreverkit Foreverpaw Foreversong Foreverstar
   Age: 5 moons
   Gender: She Cat
   Personality: Very shy, kind, and wishful. She will not accept evil, which reveals her bad side. Her bad side makes her cold and distrustful (If that means she won't trust other cats for a little). Her mother, Willowleaf, died a few days ago, which makes her very upset most of the time. If you can get past her outer shell (Shy and Upset), she will help you in any way that isn't against the warrior code as she is very loyal too.
   Likes: Adventure (That won't hurt her), Willow trees (Reminds her of her mother), and her friends.
   Dislikes: Evil, badgers, danger, and the fact that her father doesn't like her. (She has no idea who he is XD)
   Fears: Dying, which links up to a lot of stuff.
   Clan and Status
   Clan: N/A yet because her mother took her on a walk the day she died. Now she is lost Sad )
   Rank: Kit once she enters her Clan
   Family: Willowleaf (Mother, in StarClan), ??? (Father, Unknown), Thunderkit (Brother, wherever she goes XD)
   Mate: Too young
   Kits: Too young
   Mentor: Too young
   Fur: Fluffy light ginger fur that smooths down easily and quickly. Darker ginger on her forehead, chest, ear-tips, and tail-tip.
   Eyes: Bright green, with amber flecks.
   Appearance: A small, lithe she-cat, Foreverkit looks very slim until it is cold or when she gets scared. That's when you realize how fluffy her ginger fur is. She looks very cute with her dark ginger markings and bright green eyes. Her eyes also have amber flecks in them. The one thing that makes her appearance not so great anymore is a small bite mark on her left ear, which was from the badger that killed Willowleaf.
   Strengths: Her willpower is great and she's a natural at climbing and hunting.
   Weaknesses: Grief for her mother keeps her staring at the stars at night. This may not seem bad at first, but it leaves her sleep-deprived and vulnerable. She also hates and is bad at fighting.
   Combat Style: When a Loner: She dodges all the attacks she can and runs away. When in a Clan: She still relies on dodging, but attacks while the enemy is distracted.
   History: She was born in a valley not far from SkyClan. Her father left the mother and her kits to fend for themselves. Foreverkit helped her mother hunt, while Thunderkit made sure no enemies could attack. One day, an angry badger attacked! "Run!" yowled Willowleaf as the badger tried to bite her. Thunderkit ran, but Foreverkit wanted to help her mother, so she ran around the badger, distracting it. However. it didn't seem to care, and bit Willowleaf's neck. She fell to the ground, dead. Foreverkit walked to her. "Momma?" she asked in a whisper. She started crying, and the badger, who was walking away, turned around. Foreverkit somehow noticed that the badger was heading towards her and ran off, tears streaming from her eyes.
  When she managed to escape the badger, Foreverkit slumped to the ground, too tired to continue. She heard a rustle in the bush and stood up, alert even though she was tired. The figure hopped out of the bushes and Foreverkit realized it was Thunderkit. Thunderkit walked to her and helped her to walk to his den. When they got there, Foreverkit immediatly flopped onto the nest and fell asleep. Thunderkit smiled and went to hunt.

   RP Sample: ......... Need to find one!

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My first kittie! Empty Re: My first kittie!

Post by Ravensky on Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:28 pm

Hi Foreverkit! Welcome to Leaping Warrior Cats! I hope I see you around. (Btw... this is an awesome warrior rp site :3)

Smell ya later nerds! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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My first kittie! Empty Re: My first kittie!

Post by Falconwing on Sun May 22, 2016 9:30 am

Hello Foreverkit! It's nice to see some new faces around here. Love your cat's backstory, its so original!

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My first kittie! Empty Re: My first kittie!

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