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Wolfclaw, sister of Redclaw

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Wolfclaw, sister of Redclaw Empty Wolfclaw, sister of Redclaw

Post by Redclaw on Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:35 pm

name: Wolfclaw
gender: girl
personality: funny, nice, friendly, playful
age: 29 moons
likes: play, hunt, train
dislikes: unnessasary bloodshed, rudeness
fears: being in the dark alone
clan: loner
family: unknown exept for sister that betrayed her and Redclaw
mate: N/A
kits: N/A
mentor: N/A
fur: medium lenth
eyes: blue
apperence: black and white and brown fur, no scars
strenths: strong, climing
weaknesses: angered easily
combat style: depends
history: born a kittypet, left behind when twolegs left, became loner with sisters, Redclaw and Scarclaw, survived. came to clans, left when Redclaw was accoused of murdering there mother by Scarclaw. was happy, but restless. she told Redclaw, who told her to go find a clan, but begged her to not leave, or at least visit. Wolfclaw then found Skyclan, and stayed there, happy to be a member.
RP example: I left my den and went hunting.

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Wolfclaw, sister of Redclaw Empty Re: Wolfclaw, sister of Redclaw

Post by Wolfclaw on Sun Mar 20, 2016 5:39 pm

me. sorry my sis acadently did it under her profile. we didn't relize till it was to late. Embarassed

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