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(I'm NOT going to spoil so look!!!)

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(I'm NOT going to spoil so look!!!) Empty (I'm NOT going to spoil so look!!!)

Post by Ravensky on Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:18 pm

Ok. Here I go... I thing you should add mission rps or even a little game. One idea for the game could be based off Rotten and you and a patrol of clan cats have to survive to get the herb. A mission rp could be something where you have to save a kit, find a lost cat, go in the twoleg places (With rules similar to how Tallstar's Revenge book was when Talltail wanted revenge but in the new forest), or scout for new territories. These would be big updates well, if you did the game a BIG update... but anyways... I would enjoy these.

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