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Post by Yarrowfang on Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:08 pm

Yarrowfang 1zo8d8g

a light tabby tom with a medium build and bright, yellow eyes

Personal Information

Name: Yarrowfang
Age: 18 moons
Gender: Male
awkward - dramatic - somewhat lazy - faithless in starclan - dislikes being controlled - defensive - sarcastic - rude - temperamental - can be responsible/cooperative- smart - has his sweet moments

Where to even begin with this guy - he’s a piece of work. First and foremost, he’s an awkward, overly dramatic butt who over reacts to everything and seems to have the worst luck ever - somehow, something always goes wrong when he’s around, and so he pretty much expects it. Normally he’s pretty reserved and lazy, not putting any more effort than he needs to. He does not believe in ‘starclan.‘ Really, do they expect him to believe there’s a bunch of cats in the stars telling them what to do? It’s superstitious nonsense, or at least he thinks so.

This young cat hates to be controlled, and is likely to run off and cause trouble if he thinks his freedom is being restrained. Or, maybe he just simply has a knack for trouble…either way, he’s trouble. One of the biggest things about Yarrow, however, is that he’s waaay too overly-defensive - say something’s wrong with him, and he’ll respond with twice the amounts of insults and sarcasm and he’ll start blowing up in a massive temper tantrum storm til sundown…and no cat wants that. If it hasn’t been made clear, once you get him talking you’ll regret it because he can go on and on - especially if he’s ranting.

Despite all this, Yarrowfang is quite a smart cat and knows how to do his job and even take on the role of a leader if it came down to it. He has a certain level of responsibility that allows him to work together with others to strive towards a common goal, with determination. He’s not mouse-brained, and he knows to do something right if he feels it’s important. He’s just not the most pleasant cat sometimes. But even Yarrowfang has his nice moments, and he really does care about others, sometimes to the point of becoming of brooding over an issue and becoming a worried mess. He can even be, dare it be said, rather sweet and gentle at times. One just has to get past his prickly shell. How will everything play out for this young cat?

Likes: Napping, exploring by himself, hunting, helping others (though he won't admit it), compliments.
Dislikes: Swimming, being controlled, being insulted, lectures, cats who are too naggy or annoying, tedious work.
Fears: Starvation/death, predators, and humans.
Clan and Status
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Warrior
Family: n/a
Mate: n/a
Kits: n/a
Mentor: n/a
Fur: Short-haired fur, is somewhat soft to the touch.
Eyes: Yellow
Appearance: Yarrowfang is a medium-sized cat who weighs approximately twelve pounds. This young tom has very light, tabby fur with dark charcoal stripes running down his body. There's nothing too remarkable about the way he carries himself, other than the fact that he's typically seems on the lookout when he's out roaming the territory. One thing to note about this cat is that he's very expressive, and one can usually tell what mood he's in just by looking at him. Y'see, he has this famous, signature scowl...and there's the little smirk he does to himself when thinking...and oh don't get me started with the rest of this guy's emotions. Basically If you see a moody-looking striped tom, it's Yarrowfang.

- loyal
- well-rounded skillset
- smart
- sensitive; nice moments


- dramatic
- insecurities
- rude
- somewhat lazy

Combat Style: Yarrowfang is definitely the sort to stay hidden and then make his move, if given the chance. He's prefers the stealthy side when it comes to fighting, although he'll also jump out and take risks if he feels it's necessary. This tom may not be the biggest or bravest battler out there, but he sure is fierce. If one gets into a scuffle with him they're sure to get more than a few rakes to the face to remember him by.
History: Yarrowfang's life was basically the same as every Shadowclanner's: He was born into the clan, became an apprentice, and became a warrior. Woopdedoo, nothing special there. During his youth however, Yarrowfang had a difficult time getting along with his peers. He'd get into fights or say something to tick them off. He's basically on good terms with others now, but his personality hasn't changed much. During leaf-bare, he also nearly starved to death, resulting in him fearing the slightest of hunger-pains and over-eating when given the chance.

RP Sample:

Taking a deep breath, the tabby closed his eyes and let the musky scents of the forest whisk into his scent glands, followed by the subtle traces of prey. The greenleaf seemed to have gathered a lot of animals here this morning. He caught the scent of a rabbit over there, a robin there...and he could hear the loud knocks of a laboring woodpecker, searching for it's meal in a nearby tree. There was a lot of prey out, actually, and he could pretty much just take his pick. Since the rabbit would be too much for him and he wouldn't be returning to camp for a little while longer, he gazed at the overhead branches to see if he could spot that woodpecker.

It was quite easy to glimpse a spot of red weaving among the branches, and he crouched. He sized up the tree and started to second-guess his decision...climbing trees was a lot of work. Still, Yarrowfang began to sneakily dig his claws into it's branches, making sure the bird didn't see his approach.

The tabby perched himself onto one of it's branches, waiting for the woodpecker to come closer in it's search for insects. It seemed to be coming closer, it's claws allowing it to seat itself right onto it's trunk. He continued to crouch, waiting absolutely still for the best moment possible. After several moments passed, the bird finally made it's way further down the tree trunk until it was tail-lengths above him. This was it, it was everything or nothing. Yarrowfang sprang from his haunches and ran up the trunk vertically, feeling his paws propel himself forward.

The woodpecker was not able to get away in time before Yarrowfang snatched it up in his jaws, dragging his kill down with him as he tumbled down onto the floor below - he'd been unable to hang onto the slippery bark and landed on all-fours. He did it! That was an impressive catch, if he said so himself! Too bad no one was around to see it.

With the ticked bird clenched in his jaws, he carried it over to his dry, leafy nest and set it down. He then scanned the forest in thought. This was a great place, and it had lots of prey. He probably wouldn't nearly starve to death again this greenleaf, buuuut....what if leaf-bare was a different story? He thought that this might be a good back-up place to hunt at if prey ever got scarce back home.

Why leave such a place go to waste? So Yarrowfang began strolling all throughout the Crooked Paths territory, leaving his scent on the trees and marking their trunks with his thorn-like claws. This area would be his now. This was Yarrowfang's special hunting grounds.

Feeling his spirits rise from the little victories of this morning, his tail also lifted.  Yeah, it had been complete  bad luck for him to nearly starve like that earlier, but that was life. Heck, what did he expect? Bad things ALWAYS happened to him.

Twitching his whiskers, the tabby tom made his way back to his little nest, plopping down in it and lazily chewing at the woodpecker, making sure to pluck out some of the pokey feathers first. Yarrowfang still felt satiated from the rat he'd eaten earlier, but now he was eating for luxury, something that he'd thought only kittypets would take pride in doing...until now. Ugh, he was going to regret this, wasn't he? But for now, the scrumptious taste of the bird's meat made him finish nearly half of it before he knew it.

Yarrowfang's chest tightened and felt like it was crawling with bees, but Yarrowfang stood rooted to the spot. His instincts shouted at him to hold his position. Yet another part of him knew he had to make a run for it…but, his heart was beating to fast for him to move. What was he going to do?! Okay, calm down. You have to think…there’s not much you can do. But you can’t just wait around for him to find you. These thoughts raced in his mind, and then he decided to run.

Darting from underneath the briars from which he was lurking, the tabby sprinted off as fast as he could. He sprinted faster than he ever had before, feeling pumped with fear and adrenaline. His ears were flattened, his tail was trailing behind him, and he was running as if there was a fox gnashing at his heels.

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Yarrowfang Empty Re: Yarrowfang

Post by Falconwing on Mon May 23, 2016 10:35 pm

Wow! This character is awesome. Love it!

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Post by Brokenlily on Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:27 pm

This is a great character, btw! Hamster

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