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Post by SilentSteps on Tue Jan 19, 2016 8:49 pm

Personal Information
Name: Silent
Age: 20 moons
Gender: Male
Personality: Silent is socially uneducated. He has no sense of how to act around other cats. This has caused a sort of obsession for Silent, who is constantly trying to understand the way and reason cats act as they do. Just as his name implies, Silent is exactly that, Silent. Often times lost in his thoughts or watching and making mental notes of the animals he comes across, you may see him wandering about doing seemingly nothing. Over all fairly laid back unless you tick him off. His inner-monologue can put even the most hyper-active kits to sleep. When meeting new cats, Silent is usually very nervous and twitchy.   
Likes: Even though he may seem like a very awkward cat, Silent likes to give anycat advice on any subject. He enjoys listening to anything and everything, well, not everything. Though he loves learning about other cats, just like all cats, he also like to be alone with only his thoughts for company.
Dislikes: Cats that don't follow rules. He strongly disagrees with the statement that rules were made to be broken. Silent also hates being wrong, he finds it humiliating. He also dislikes jumping to conclusions, which usually makes him wrong.
Fears: Rejection. Silent would liked to be accepted or at least tolerated. He fears that he will never understand the complexity of the world.
Clan and Status
Clan: Loner
Rank: N/A (would like to join a clan)
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Kits: N/A
Mentor: N/A
Fur: About the same color as spruce wood. A spot of white on the back of the left ear, hard to notice some times. Short fur on the main body, but a bushy tail.
Eyes: Copper, however, the left eye is two or three shades lighter.
Appearance: Tall and lean, built for speed definitely not strength. Bushy tail is often a target in battles so there are quite a few scars and clumps of fur missing. Stronger hindquarters than front legs so there is a noticeable size difference(kind of like a rabbit, but not that extreme). There is almost no shine or luster to his coat which makes him look dusty sometimes. There is nothing else extremely remarkable in appearance about this cat.
Strengths: Fairly good at analyzing others strengths and weaknesses, if given enough information. Speed, aerodynamic shape allows him to run at his fullest potential, good for tiring the opposing side.  
Weaknesses: Surprisingly little strength, has been compared to a new born kit before. Also low endurance/toleration for pain.
Combat Style: Guerrilla War fare, using your surroundings to your advantage. No formal training just things he learned on the streets, many cats find his ways dirty and dishonorable.
History: Silent doesn't remember much from his kithood. He does't even remember how me got his name, the obvious conclusion was that his mother gave it to him however, Silent believes that he may have been given this name by one of the many strangers he has come across. All his life, Silent has been a loner. He neither knows nor remembers any other life style. However, after coming across the Clan cats, he began to become extremely intrigued. Now, he believes that he would like to join one of these clans and become apart of this society.  

RP Sample:
(So and so): I walked out of the warrior's den and was immediately greeted with the fresh smells of new leaf. (Blank) was relived that leaf bare was finally over and looked forward to the prey plentiful days to come.
(SilentSteps): Silent watched (Blank) walk out of what he assumed was the warrior's den. He had been observing this clan for a couple of days now. He was sure that they already knew he was lurking around and felt disappointed that he would soon have to move on the the next clan. This particular clan was slightly more interesting to watch. Turning back to the cat that was many fallen tree lengths away from him, he briefly wondered why this cat was up so early and what that cat was thinking of. Perhaps there was a certain special cat on his mind, clouding his thoughts, maybe he was worrying about relations with their neighboring clan, or perhaps, he was simply enjoying the nice weather. All these were possible conclusions. Brushing his thoughts and speculations away, Silent quickly retreated to he temporary camp he had found just outside this clan's borders. So far he had been careful not to anger the clan cats. He hunted only outside their borders and was sure to retreat after the first cat walked outside their den each day. After all, he did want to eventually talk with these intriguing cats one day, preferably with out a fight.

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Silentstep Empty Re: Silentstep

Post by Falconwing on Sun May 22, 2016 9:35 am

Very interesting! I rarely see any loners around here. It's great to have you!

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