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Post by Moonfur on Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:21 pm

The sun had just risen and a dawn patrol was going out to check the borders.
I stepped out of the medicine den and shook the snow from my grey pelt. I walked over to the fresh kill pile and sniffed out the plumpest mouse I could find to bring to the queens.
When I got to the nursery Amberkit ran out of the bush with Frostkit and Hopekit close behind. They ran into me and backed away ears flattened, "We're sorry Moonfur," they said.
"It's okay little ones," I replied setting the mouse down on the snow, "now bring this to Branchfur and Lightheart."
The kits picked up the mouse and ran back inside the nursery.
I walked back to the medicine den and started sorting my herbs seeing what I needed to restock.
"Moonfur Moonfur!" called a frantic voice behind me. I turned around to see who had been calling me and saw Lionsoul running into the den, "Branchfur is about to... to..."
"To what?" I asked.
"To have her kits!" He said jerking his head up and bouncing from paw to paw.
"Ok I'll be right there! You get her some water and tell Lightheart to take the kits out of the nursery!" I told him while gathering up the herbs I would need.
Lionsoul nodded and ran out of the den in search of water.

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