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Meet Moonfur!

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Meet Moonfur! Empty Meet Moonfur!

Post by Moonfur on Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:41 pm

Moonfur has had a hard life, when she was just a little kit a fire killed her sister Snowkit. Sad From that day on Moonfur couldn't stand to see any cat hurt so she decided to become a medicine cat. Colors Then one day Moonfur meet the love of her life!I love you His name was Smokeheart, but a medicine cat cannot have a mate so day after day, moon after moon, Moonfur watched Smokeheart find his true love, he had three kits, Frostkit, Willowkit and Foxkit. Willowkit became Moonfurs apprentice then one day Smokeheart returned from a border dispute with Shadow Clan, he had been badly injured. Willowkit, no Willowpaw, asked if her father would be okay, Moonfur did not know. Smokehearts mate, Poppyfur, had come in but it was to late, Smokeheart could not be saved, he was going to die. After that day Moonfur vowed to never fall in love with any cat again for it just makes heartache. That is Moonfurs life. affraid

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