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My Cat Character, Lilywhisker

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My Cat Character, Lilywhisker Empty My Cat Character, Lilywhisker

Post by Lilywhisker on Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:09 pm

Name: Lilywhisker
Age: 18 moons
Personality: Funny, Nice, Smart, Helpful, Reliable, and very Patient
Looks: Snowy white fur, baby blue eyes, and very fluffy
History: Was born into RiverClan and by an unknown she-cat. Nobody really knew the cat who gave birth to Lilywhisker. And nobody knew the father either. But she does have an unknown sister who's still alive. She just doesn't know where she is.
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister: Unknown
Special Skills: Is a really fast swimmer and has a great sense of hearing.

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