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Hazelstar's Announcement Empty Hazelstar's Announcement

Post by Hazelstar on Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:39 pm

Hello all!

It's Hazelstar, the main administrator for LWC here. I apologize for my lack of activity lately, I have some pretty heavy things on my plate. I've started my first year in college back on the 29th of August as some of you know. It's pretty hectic, I'm learning Japanese, playing flute in their orchestra while also taking an Islamic Philosophy class and learning about Exercise Science (my major). With that said, my activity and posts are going to be at a minimum unless there needs to be help defusing a situation or there's confusion about anything. Even then though, that's what the moderators are in place for.

It's nice to see members still joining every day but at this point, it's up to you guys to make/keep LWC active. As I hope you all will, school is a higher priority than running a warrior forum right now for me. I'll still be on every day or so, and I'll reply to PMs so don't worry about me not seeing those! Other than that though, don't expect me on as often as I was over the summer.

Let's keep LWC active and fun for the younger generation! (And us old folks like Shadowseer and I)  
Much love and best regards to all of you and your studies,

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Hazelstar's Announcement Empty Re: Hazelstar's Announcement

Post by Moonstar on Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:38 pm

I'm older than Shadowseer, how dare you.

ANYWAYS, I 100% understand your struggle. I go to a high school meant to get us ready for college. It is project based, so I always have projects I have to work on at home. I'm also taking 2 AP classes, so I rarely have time to myself. When I do have time, I usually go hang out with my boyfriend or with other friends.
The only reason I'm on right now is because I'm sick, and I thought I'd let you guys know where I am.

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