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The Rushing waves ( Fanfiction)

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The Rushing waves ( Fanfiction) Empty The Rushing waves ( Fanfiction)

Post by Silverlily on Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:30 pm

All was quiet and peaceful in a place filled with shining stars. Everything was covered in stars. The cats, the sky, the flowers, the rocks, the river, everything. A few cats sat around a pool of water and looked into it. There are five cats sitting around the pool. The first cat is the smallest, his body is slim yet strong, his fur is a soft silver and his paws pure grey. This cat is named Silverlily. The next cat is a she-cat with deep red and white fur , her name is Whitefire. Next to Whitefire was a handsome tom who looked like Silverlily, with the same silver coat ,but his paws are black as night, his name is Blacksteps.

Soon two of the five left leaving the three cats alone,to talk in peace. "Silverlily, what is it that you want to show us?" Whitefire, asked softly her voice sounding like a thousand bells ringing at once, a soft, yet calming sound.

Silverlily smiled sadly and placed a paw to the water watching it ripple before a camp was seen " This is Hazeclan. Their leader has just died, and their deputy is on his way here as we speak. This prophecy is about Hazeclan to ourselves until a new deputy is picked. " He told the two and nodded to Blackstep, who, in turn, nodded and touched the pool. It rippled and showed a large striped tom and a few cats making their way to the Starstone, " That cat will soon be known as Dipperstar, but the prophecy is........" he paused as paw steps were heard behind them the pool cleared as they all turned to the new cat and dipped their heads.

The Frosted Prophecy is known only to these three cats even if it was not spoken, thus only time can tell what is to come of the cats involved in the Frosted Prophecy.

Chapter one : retuning home

It had been a few heartbeats, since Dipperpelt went to get his nine lives and due to the timing of Newtstar's death a deputy had to be picked after Dipperstar returned. All the cats were waiting for their new leader t It had been a few hours since Dipperpelt went to get his nine lives and due to the timing of Newtstar's death a deputy had to be picked after Dipperstar returned. All the cats were waiting for their new leader to come back, one cat sat just out side of camp, their tail lashing in nerves but soon Their eyes widened as they spotted four cats making their way to camp.

" Dipperstar, Pythonstrike, Snowfire, Crowail welcome back we've all been waiting. We've already taken care of the border patrols and hunting." The cat mewed and blinked dipping their small head.

"Thank you Fawnfrost" the large striped tabby mewed in a deep voice and dipped his head to the smaller warrior. Moving past Fawnfrost Dipperstar walked into his camp and sighed softly, he made his way across camp and leapt onto the old badger set.

"Let all those who can hunt the quickest bird come to the old badger set for a clan meeting! "His voice rung through camp , cats came in large groups to hear the words of their new leader.

Fawnfrost sat in the back of camp near her friend Smokescar and Smokescar's brother Desertblaze. Turning blue - green eye to her new leader Fawnfrost listened to what he had to say , she had a feeling on who it would be and couldn't have picked a better choice for deputy.

" I stand here before you now as Dipperstar and as customs of our clans I need to pick a new deputy , and I've thought long and hard about this but one cat stands out to me and that alone is the best Cobrasnarl will you take on the new place as deputy" he asked the she-cat and waited for her answer.

Cobrasnarl blinked and nodded swallowing, she stood up and made her way over to stood in front of the others. " I will do my best to serve you and the clan " She mewed as the cats began to call her name. She looked around and smiled knowing she had a lot to prove and protect now that she was made deputy of her clan.

Dipperstar nodded and smiled softly and started to speak once more " Now I see we have a few kits that need to be made apprentices and apprentices who need to be made warriors so lets get started shall we?" He paused and looked to the nursery and laughed at the kits as they rushed from the nursery and stood in front of him.

" Now Seakit, Nightkit, Dawnkit, Birdkit, Robinkit and Lostkit. You six have reached six moon in life and now are ready to take that next step in your paths as warriors. " He mewed and jumped from the badger set to stand in front of his clans soon to be apprentices.
" Seakit step forward" He waited as the shy white and black kit stepped forward and sat down her blue eyes she was named after were wide and shining in the morning light.

"Now Seakit, you have reached the next path to being warrior do you wish to fully take this path and trust that it will guide you?"

The small kit looked at her paws and then back to her leader " I do , this is the path I wish to take Dipperstar" she mewed smiling at him.

He nodded his large head and looked over the crowd of cats and spotted the one he needed "Now as you all have heard Seakit has chosen her path , so from now one till you receive your warrior name you will be know as Seapaw and your mentor will be..... Desertblaze! Desertblaze please come to the front "The large tabby called to the other warrior. Said warrior stood from his sister's side giving her a quick lick to the ear and trotted his way to the front next to his new apprentice.

Seapaw turned and dipped her head to the older warrior " I will to my best to be the greatest warrior in all of Hazeclan " She mewed eyes narrowed and bright. Desertblaze nodded " I would expect nothing less " he replied and touched noses with the young apprentice, both stood and moved back ready to see who would be Paired with her brother's.

Dipperstar smiled happy with his choice in mentors for her and turned to the next kit who happened to be the oldest in the litter " Nightkit step forward and stand before your clan". The large kit stood and slowly made his way to the front , his short thick black fur was shining in the sun light, deep green eyes were narrowed and somewhat cold, this kit was the first born in Brightbird and Nettletalon's first litter together.

"Just as I have asked your sister you have reached the next path in life to be a warrior is this path the right one for you ?" He asked the question again but worded it differently then with Seapaw. Deep green eyes looked around camp and Nightkit nodded "Yes, this is my rightful path in life." He mewed and looked eyes with the one cat he talked to everyday and smiled at them.

" As you've all heard and are witnesses to his choice, Until you gain your warrior name you will be Nightpaw and your mentor will be ..... Fawnfrost , please come forward" the small cream tabby smiled brightly and trotted to the front and dipped her head " Lets see if you can back up all your big talk Nightpaw." She laughed and shook her head and watched the apprentice, who in turn felt his fur grow warm and rolled his eyes as his brother Birdkit whined " Why does he get Fawnfrost?"

Fawnfrost giggled and touched noses with the black furred apprentice and then turned to sit on the other side of the clearing next to Smokeash an elder who was blind in his left eye. The three trunked back to the front they still had four more apprentices to make and four apprentices to make warriors.

" Now I see you all are impatient, so Robinkit, Birdkit, Dawnkit, Lostkit please step forward and stand before your clan." Their leader called them up and each kit followed stopping to face their clan. Which they all want to protect and keep safe from all that may come their way.

" As I have asked your brother and sister , you have reached this next path and I want to know if this is the right path for you all to take. " he turned deep green eyes to the four toms and waited as they all thought about it. As one they looked up with bright blue eyes they shared with Seapaw " I do , this is the path I wish to challenge and conquer" They spoke as one and smiled at each other , Dipperstar nodded and looked at the warrior of his clan " You have heard them choose their paths and now till you four gain your warrior names you will be known as Birdpaw, Dawnpaw, Robinpaw and Lostpaw and your mentors shall be....."

He paused and looked around camp trying to pick out the best warriors for these four. " The order I call these mentors it in the same order I called the apprentices: Crowail, Silvervine, Ashtree, and Cobrasnarl you four are the best to help each apprentice along this path they have chosen teach them well and pass on all you know to them."

He waited till each touched noses " Hazeclan welcome our new apprentices!" He called and the clan chanted 'Seapaw, Nightpaw, Birdpaw , Dawnpaw, Robinpaw Lostpaw' as loud as they could.

Dipperstar raised his tail for silence and waited till he got it " Now we are almost done , Now my favorite part next beside making apprentices and this is my first time so lets begin, Sandpaw, Featherpaw, Shadowpaw, and Foxpaw, step forward and stand before your clan"

The two she-cats and two toms stepped forward each had cuts in their ears, and scars all over their bodies from the battles they had fought as apprentices and now hopefully not for a long time they would fight as warriors.

" Now Sandpaw, Featherpaw, Shadowpaw, and Foxpaw you each have finished your training and are ready to be made warriors, so I,Dipperstar leader of Hazeclan call to our warrior ancestors to look down on these for apprentices, they have trained long and hard to understand your noble code and your ways, I show them to you as warrior in their turn. Do you all promise to up hold the warrior code , live it as you have done and let it guide your paw as well as promise to protect you clan even with the cost of your life ?" He asked and watched each for any signs of doubt and found none these were true warriors standing before him.

" I do " the each replied and stood tall and proud they had come a long way from kits just starting out to full fledged warriors. The newly made leader smiled and nodded " Then by the powers of Starclan I gave you four your warrior names from now one Sandpaw will be know as Sandstrike Starclan honors your strength and your loyalty and we welcome you as a full warrior of Hazeclan. " He stepped forward and placed his head on hers, she gave his shoulder a lick of respect. She stepped aside so that he could do her siblings, " Featherpaw from now on you will be know as Feathervixen, Starclan honors your honesty, and your Spirit, we welcome you as a full warrior of Hazeclan " He repeated the process as he had done with Sandstrike,when the she-cat moved away he turned to the brothers.

" Shadowpaw, and Foxpaw you both have been through so much to reach this place and here I grant you your names, but the names you will gain I have not picked , your mother Firewish told me what to name you both and I will listen Shadowpaw from now on you will be know as Shadowfire, Starclan honors your trust and forethought and courage. Foxpaw you will be now known as Foxfeather Starclan honors your love for your family and friends and your faith. We welcome you both as full warriors of Hazeclan. " He once again placed his chin on the heads of the young warriors and smiled ad the clan started the to call out their new names.

' Sandstrike, Feathervixen, Shadowfire, Foxfeather !!' The clan called in the most joyous voices the had.

" If that is all Then return to your duties your four spend the day doing what you will till tonight when you sit your vigil." He called, standing up and waving his tail , Dipperstar jumped up to where his new den lay and was ready to start on his new life as leader.

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