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My Clan cat

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My Clan cat Empty My Clan cat

Post by Wisptail on Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:38 pm

Age:13 moons
Appearance: A pale gray coat and dark gray stripes with azure eyes
History:Wisptail and her littermates were born on leafbare a time when life was hard.When Wisptail became a warrior her mother,father and littermates were proud intell she went on her first hunt as a warrior with Gingerear.While hunting the met several rouges,Gingerear and Wisptail fought hard against the rouges but they were out numbered and was overcame by them.While defending their clan's territory one of the rouges bit Gingerear's neck and Gingerear crumpled to the ground and was not breathing, in anger of her sister's death Wisptail killed 3 rouges and left two with injuries that they will surely die from.Covered in blood Wisptail carried Gingerear back to the clan for mourning.When Darkeye and Willowclaw found out about Gingerear's death they put their anger out on Wisptail for not saving Gingerear.The rest of her littermates,Darkeye and Featherclaw, avoided her to avoid their parents wrath.So Wisptail spends most of her time wandering in foggy nights and days hunting for prey

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My Clan cat Empty Re: My Clan cat

Post by Silverlily on Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:48 pm

welcome hope to see you around

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