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Darktail of Shadowclan [WIP]

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Darktail of Shadowclan [WIP] Empty Darktail of Shadowclan [WIP]

Post by Darktail on Fri Jul 01, 2016 4:40 pm

Personal Information
Age:12 moons
Personality:She's fairly determined and focused on her clan and clanmates, doing what she can to keep them happy and fed. In a way, she does not care much for her own happiness. Kind but Firm , She'll take no nonsense from kits or apprentices. She'll break under heavy emotional stress. A habit of hers is to paw the ground when she sits upright, a sign she's deep in thought about something.Bitterness and a need for revenge are things she tries to keep locked inside.
Likes:Hunting, Conversation,Gatherings,Sleep.
Dislikes:High Stress,Tension in the camp,Bad Dreams,Daray.
Fears:Her Brother,Heights.
Clan and Status
Rank:Young Warrior
Family:Mother(Primrose), Brother(Thorn),Father(???)/ Clan Mother(LeapingWillow)
Kits:N/A (
Mentor:Honeytail (NPC)
Fur:Smooth short dark brown tabby fur.
Eyes:Dark Green eyes, One missing. (Their eye color)
Appearance:One missing eye , visible scars where fur didn't grow back. Neat looking paws and healthy claws. Short white whiskers and a pink nose. Her tail is a darker shade of brown.Dark brown stripes, such things come with being a tabby cat.
Strengths:Bitter Determination and motivation is high. She's fairly good at brute strength, be it knocking another cat down. (What are your cat's strengths? Must include both mental and physical strengths)
Weaknesses:Ticklish,Not the best at climbing trees.
Combat Style: Barrel and/or bodyslam into the enemy if she can. I call it plan A. (How does your cat fight? Do they attack right off the bat? Do they use ambush attacks?)
History: (What was your cat's past like?)

RP Sample: (Show us how you roleplay)

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Darktail of Shadowclan [WIP] Empty Re: Darktail of Shadowclan [WIP]

Post by Hazelstar on Fri Jul 01, 2016 5:48 pm

This is very impressive, nice job! I'm excited to see your work in the future!

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