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Character Portfolio: Keres

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Character Portfolio: Keres Empty Character Portfolio: Keres

Post by Keres on Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:30 pm

"    She was a walking
of humility and boasts.
Reality braided
with fiction,
made of sunshine
and ghosts.     "

Name: Keres

Affiliation: Loner

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Family: Unknown

Mentor: None

Apprentice: None

Hobbies: Exploring and climbing trees, racing her friends, and even the occasional swim in the river or lake

Appearance: A long-haired, tortoiseshell she-cat with thick, black tabby stripes and bright golden-yellow eyes. Her fur is patterned with shades of smoky cream and occasional splashes of ginger, giving her a rather distinctive appearance. Other markings include a white muzzle and a cream underbelly. Her lean body is built mostly for agility, and her strong, sharp claws are slightly hooked; these attributes combine to make her an excellent tree climber.

Personality: Innately good-natured, she is friendly and reasonable, yet also critical, opinionated, and smug. She is quite intelligent and clever, resourceful in tense situations, and persistent to a fault. While she will remain extremely loyal to those she cares for, she will not hesitate to lie elaborately to those outside her friend circle in order to achieve her goals. Her habit of speaking her mind will sometimes put her at odds against others.

Special Traits/Strengths: Quick and agile, she’s a moderately fast runner and a skillful climber. Her mottled fur provides her with good camouflage among foliage and on the forest floor. She has excellent night vision and sharp hearing, with a mind like a steel trap – she knows every nook and cranny of the territories like the back of her paw.

Weaknesses: While she is reasonably strong, her lighter frame puts her at a disadvantage in a contest of strength with others. She can also be startled easily, and will sometimes freeze in the face of danger. She has a strong hate for fire and thunderstorms.

History: Mostly unknown, although some know that she has ThunderClan ancestry.


Character Portfolio: Keres 9e95839d580c25a4d6d9cae0e7beaade

Character Portfolio: Keres Ee7967ee48a7ddc1dbcae19c6b942539

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