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Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan

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Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan Empty Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan

Post by Moonstar on Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:04 pm

Character sheet format by Blazestar.

Personal Information
Name: Moonstar
Age: 35 moons
Gender: she-cat
Personality: Moonstar seems very self absorbed. She likes to think of herself more highly than she does about others, and cats outside of her clan will see her as snobby and full of herself. In reality though, she cares about her clan more than anything. She would immediately lay down her life if it meant keeping her clan safe. It's harder for her to make friends outside of her clan due to how she presents herself, but inside of her clan, she is admired and seen as a strong and great leader.
Traits: ambitious, daring, irritable, alert, caring, charming, confident, can be narcissistic, courageous, focused, fun-loving, hardworking, tough invulnerable, methodical, strong, trustworthy, persuasive, witty
Likes: heights, her clan, her friends, herself
Dislikes: judgmental cats, swimming
Fears: Her biggest fear is losing her clan and/or her friends, especially if she was able to stop it from happening.

Clan and Status
Clan: Skyclan
Rank: Leader
Lives Left: 9 - she was appointed leader very recently
Mother: Lilyshine
Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan 0fa6ada571df53298e074f8aa9cc7eb3
Father: Waterstep
Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan Waterstep
Sibling(s): Jayflight (brother; rogue)
Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan Katzen-29
Mate: N/A (yet //wink wonk)
Kits: N/A (yET //wink wonk intensifies)
Mentor: Eagleheart (uncle)
Moonstar, Leader of Skyclan 479515427-close-up-of-green-eyed-maine-coon-cat-gettyimages

Fur: The top half of Moonstar along with her tail is light gray with darker gray stripes. Her legs, belly, chest, muzzle and nose are white.
Eyes: Her eyes are a pale green.

Strengths: Moonstar is an incredibly strong fighter and an exceptional hunter. She is also a great climber.
Weaknesses: Moonstar cannot swim. She also does not like to get her coat dirty unless she's fighting for her clan or her friends. She's also not the fastest runner.
Combat Style: When a part of an ambush, Moonstar likes to attack from up high. When it comes to hunting though, she attacks from the ground, as it is quieter and doesn't draw as much attention.

History **Under Construction**:
Kit: Moonkit was the oldest in her litter. She was always cocky towards her siblings, and would always wrestle them, even if they didn't want to. The runt of her litter, Jaykit, envied his sister and hated her attitude.
Apprentice: Moonpaw's mentor was her uncle as well as the deputy of Skyclan, Eagleheart. He trained Moonpaw well in hunting, but trained her best for battle. She was one of the best apprentices in her clan at that time, and was proud to be made a warrior by the side of her brother, who secretly despised her success.

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