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Onyxstar, ShadowClan's Leader

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Onyxstar, ShadowClan's Leader Empty Onyxstar, ShadowClan's Leader

Post by Onyxstar on Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:06 pm

Personal Information
Name: Onyxstar (Onyx/Onyxfang)
Aliases: Commander From Hell
Age: 36 moons
Gender: Female
Personality: Onyxstar is a battle-hardened soldier, immovable and unforeboding. She is a severe warrior, with a fearsome and commanding presence. Rather harsh and blunt with her fellow clanmates, and merciless to her enemies, she is very deadly in her own right. She is sharp-tongued and prone to acts of hostility. As formerly part of the group Revolution, she holds the phrases "survival of the fittest" and "hunt or be hunted" in high regards. As such, she does not like to tolerate any signs of weakness or hesitance in her warriors.

Onyxstar very strict, demanding respect from her clanmates, causing most of them to apologize for fear that they might invoke her wrath. She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. She is extremely intimidating, easily frightening weaker opponents with just her glare. Even with her impatience and bursts of anger, she can maintain a level-headed mindset in battle and calmly analyze the situation to choose the best tactical advantage to victory. Onyxstar is capable of adjusting and acting on the fly to unpredictable circumstances, acting with precision and efficiency. She is skilled at reading cats, and conscious of her own limitations (however much she wants to deny it). As such, she takes her role as clan leader very seriously and understands that sacrifice is a necessary part (but will not forget that each individual has a different impact on the world), and with her hands-on type of leadership both in and outside of battle, has earned her the undying loyalty of her fellow clanmates. She cannot be said to have a "soft spot" for anyone in particular, but the most important people in Onyxstar's life are the ones who have pledged their loyalty to her. Once they put their trust and faith in her, she will go to amazing lengths to ensure their safety and protect their lives.

While she knows StarClan exists as she received her nine lives from them, Onyxstar believes that everything you accomplish is done by your own two paws, not by some otherworldly force from wherever. By using their own ability to complete some task, it proved that they are capable of taking care of themselves and others. This goes hand in hand with her "hunt or be hunted" motto. She doesn't believe in fate and destiny; this is why she teaches her warriors to forge their own path, and fight for it with their own power. She is primarily concerned with her own clan. ShadowClan is none of StarClan's business. Dead cats should just stay dead and mind their own business, and stop interfering with the living world. If you wanted to change the world, then stop complaining and do something about it.
Likes: Leading her clan to victory, battling, hunting, obedience, crafting your own path and following through with it
Dislikes: Having to repeat herself more than once, loud noises, rebellion, losing, fate and destiny, StarClan interfering with the living world
Fears: She keeps all signs of weakness to herself. However, she fears living under a tyrannical ruler.

Clan and Status
Clan: ShadowClan, Revolution (former)
Rank: Leader
Lives Left: 8
Maximus (father, deceased) - broad-shouldered red-orange tom with blue eyes
Lynx (mother, deceased) - dark brown dappled she-cat with long fur and tapered, feathered ears like a lynx and golden eyes
Xenos (younger brother, unknown) - sandy-colored tabby tom with white paws and a white tail tip and green eyes
Mate: N/A
Crescentstar (WindClan, alive) - black she-cat with blue eyes
Drizzlestar (ThunderClan, alive) - silver tabby she-cat with red eyes
Mentor: Ace (Revolution squad captain, unknown) - handsome dark-furred tom with a lighter gray muzzle and a chunk missing out of his ear. His eyes are a vivid green.

Fur: Short and cropped pitch black fur, matted in a few places but overall pretty neatly kept. Not soft to the touch, but not too hard either.
Eyes: A sharp and calculating golden-yellow that tends to leave opponents rather petrified.
Appearance: Onyxstar is a larger-than-average, muscular pure black she-cat with sharp golden eyes. She has broad and powerful shoulders with wide and strong paws. Her pelt is short, slightly matted in a few areas, but she keeps the rest clean overall. She has long claws that used to be reinforced with dog claws when she was still a part of her old group, but has since scrapped them. She trims the claws every once in a while, to keep them sharp and healthy. Her left ear is nicked, and more superficial scars map her entire body. However, the most noticeable scar is the diagonal and jagged scar that crosses her entire face, from the top left to the bottom right. It crosses over her left eyelid and over the bridge of her nose to end on the right of her mouth. This was earned on one of her later missions as a higher ranking officer. Her usual facial expression is a slight scowl, and her eye ridges are almost always slightly drawn together. She carries herself proudly with an air of confidence, with shoulders tall and evenly drawn back.

Strengths: Onyxstar is incredibly strong, both physically and mentally. Physically, she is a beast in battle. Similar to that of a berserker, she trhives on the thrill of a battle and will only continue to cut down cats in her path, no matter how injured. She won't back down until taken down completely. She is also an excellent tracker and skilled at performing all sorts of situational rescues, excelling at fire rescue. She is a born leader, and knows how to command her clan even when they're all terrified. Stealth is a guarantee for a ShadowClan cat. She is stubborn and strong-willed, not backing down from a challenge. Good endurance and stamina.
Weaknesses: Her pride and stubbornness doesn't let her back down easily, so this may cause some troubles for the clan. She hates asking for help, and would rather complete things on her own, an example being the last one to get her injuries treated no matter how bad. While she may be sturdy and powerful, this outs her on the slower side of the scale. This way, smaller and more nimble, and faster cats hold an advantage against her. Her paws and claws are built for a more hands on type of thing, so she is not very good at climbing trees or swimming.
Combat Style: Since she is a ShadowClan cat, she has learned to accommodate their style of ambushing and stealth into her fighting. However when in a confrontational fight, she will atrack with heavy blows to knock the opponent around or to the ground and hen finish them off.

History: Onyxstar was born into the infamous and deadly nomadic mercenary group Revolution. Revolution was a large group of cats that functioned like a human military. It was divided into many different squads, with each squad able to specialize in a different area. In each squad, there was a squad captain that lead the whole squad and above the squad captains were the generals. The generals were assigned to certain groups to watch over and man. The commander, who was the head of them all, lead the whole group. Underneath the elite squads were the regular soldiers. Before she became a warrior of ShadowClan and earned the warrior name Onyxfng, she was simply known as Onyx. At a very young age, the kits were trained and taught the ways of combat. They were sent out in training war matches, and were sometimes sent out into a real warzone. There was a special initiate test that overlooked if they could get into one of the many squads.

Onyx was initially able to pass the test and become a new initiate. She and the new recruits were to take another series of tests to see which squad they would fit into. There were countless different large squads that were a lot of times split off into different areas for different missions. Some examples were the intelligence and reconnaissance team who specialized in gathering intel, interrogation and strategies. The search-and-rescue team were created for all sorts of different types of rescues: underwater rescues, fire rescues, and underground rescues. The iron wall squad was mainly a defense squad; they guarded the main base of headquarters. And then there were the offensive squads. Stealth and assassination, aerial, tanks, water, and a whole bunch more. Onyx was placed in the special operations, with Ace as her squad captain. This squad was trained to operate in all environments, including sea, air, and land. They went on multiple different missions, and it was one of the later ones where Blaze received the diagonal slash across her face. There were many large-scaled wars with rival groups that depleted both their supplies and killed off many of their soldiers. Genesis was Revolution's Commander, and one day he struck a deal with a rival group, a group of dogs known as Sentinel, led by their leader Aster. This deal was that if Revolution were to share their weapons and soldiers with Sentinel, then Sentinel would stand by their side as allies and help them fight. This ended disastrously though. Sentinel, by gathering so many resources, became an unstoppable force and betrayed Revolution. They attacked them and ripped through their ranks. As a result, Blaze and her brother Xenos's parents were killed. This was the cause of the scattered soldiers of Revolution to finally disband and go their separate ways. Onyx never saw Xenos after that. It is unknown if he is still alive. After traveling and fending for herself for quite a while, she stumbled upon the clans. Taking an interest to them, she watched for a while before ending up joining ShadowClan. She was given the name of Onyxfang, and slowly but surely earned the respect of her clanmates. She took over as deputy, and when the former leader died she became ShadowClan's newest leader.
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