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RP 101: Time to stop kitten around!

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RP 101: Time to stop kitten around! Empty RP 101: Time to stop kitten around!

Post by Moonsong on Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:53 pm

Welcome to furry heck, children, enjoy your stay. I've been stuck on these forums for coming up on 5 years, like as not. You're neeeeee-ver gonna grow out of it, and RP is a gateway drug into writing and making lots of friends anyway, so, let's have a discussion about how to do it!


1. Use proper grammar!! Don't make an elder cry, kittens, you can do it.

easy grammar tips:

  • always capitalize the beginning of a sentence
  • start a new paragraph every time the topic changes or someone new speaks

2. No god-modding. (is this an old term. it still works.) You can react to what other characters do, but make sure you don't say they've done something they haven't or ignore something they have. This is sometimes a matter of perspective, so basically just do your best and correct it if someone asks you to.

3. Character development: if it's a story RP, especially if your character is young, they should grow up a lil! Change is good for the soul.

4. You can't always win.


  • Third person perspective is usually used. The tense can depend on the situation and the mood of the RP, though.

  • If you've created the topic, add a recap to the first post so that it's easy to see what's happened just scrolling by. RP's get confusing, with all of the different additions.

  • Ask questions!! No one's going to be mad at you if you don't understand something.

  • For a character's internal narration and thoughts, use italics.

Aaaand on that note, here we are!! I'll add more as i think of it, but you can ask questions here, if you want!

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